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For organisations that prefer to test and monitor their own floor surfaces we offer SlipAlert Testing Equipment on Sale, Easy Lease and Rental Plans.

We provide:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Independent verification of floor testing
  • Floor Safety Advice
SlipAlert, used world wide is recognised as the world's best portable slip test device.


SlipAlert is used by organisations covering all market sectors including; Supermarket chains, Hospitals, Leisure Centres, Fast Food Restaurants, Facilities Management Companies, Flooring Manufacturers and Health & Safety Consultants & Engineers.

SlipAlert was designed by Dr Bailey who was the first person to understand why TRL Pendulum results correlated so well with the known accident history of the floors tested. He realised that the uplift experienced by the Pendulum slider on a wet floor was almost identical in its effect to that experienced by a pedestrian's heel when he or she slipped. It was therefore only by combining the various design parameters in a particular way that a test machine could accurately simulate a pedestrian's heel in slipping.

Dr Bailey is Chairman of TC 339, the European Standard Committee for harmonisation of slip testing, and is Chairman of the BSI Committee which was responsible for BS7976, the Pendulum Standard. He is also Secretary of the UK Slip Resistance Group.

The Pendulum is a scientific instrument and the benchmark measure for slip resistance. It is the best tool for measuring slip resistance in Lab conditions.

SlipAlert correlates with the TRL Pendulum and is recommended by Pendulum manufacturers for quick and easy floor testing.

SlipAlert Purchase, Easy Lease & Rental Plans

SlipAlert Purchase... £2900

SlipAlert, the world's best portable floor slip test device comes complete with ramp, carry case, battery and slider. Everything you need to test your floors for slip resistance in one handy carry-case. When you purchase SlipAlert you also get free advice and information on floor testing, floor safety and all things slip related.

Try before you buy offer...

Two month trial. For new customers only. We are sure you will find SlipAlert easy to use and a great way to improve your floor safety, so we are happy to let you try before you buy.

You pay just £700 for 2 months use of SlipAlert

At the end of your two months trial period you can

  • Purchase the SlipAlert and pay the difference (£2900 - £350)
  • return the SlipAlert in good working order

SlipAlert Rental - £300 per week

If you need a SlipAlert for a short time and would like to rent one, you can now rent SlipAlert from just £300 per week plus delivery & collection charges and VAT. We require a deposit of £200 and your details, and we can arrange for next day delivery.

At the end of the arrangement, we request that the SlipAlert and carrying case must be returned in good condition.

SlipAlert Accessories
SlipAlert comes in a handy carry case with everything you should need for normal floor safety measurement. You will need to check the SlipAlert slider, battery and wheels occasionally.

Replacement carry case £140

SlipAlert Inclinometer £90
Enables SlipAlert to be used on slopes. This price is for SlipAlert customers only.

SlipAlert rubber slider pads - you will need to replace SlipAlert's slider pad as it wears.

Durable SlipAlert Slider
Single durable slider

Pack of 3 durable sliders £45
These have been formulated to give similar results to Four S rubber, but with greater endurance.

Four S slider pad
Single Four S slider pad

Pack of 2 Four S slider pads £90
Equivalent to the hard rubber heel on a shoe.

TRL slider pads
Single TRL slider pad

Pack of 2 TRL slider pads £90
Equivalent to the soft heel of a trainer, and also simulates bare foot.

All Costs are subject to VAT and delivery charges

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